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So what is best for you, seeing an Independent escort in Manchester or going through an agency? Well there are advantages to both routes.   An independent escort is a lady that works for her, often doing her own advertising, maybe she invests in an independent website or often just advertises on online media or Manchester escorts directories. The difference is obviously an agency escort is promoted and advertised by an escort agency and although they are likely to get more exposure they also pay a commission, which is sometime a generous percentage.

One of the advantages of seeing an independent Manchester escort is that they may cost you less as they can afford to undercut the Manchester escorts agencies and still earn more per hour than an agency girl. There is always the flexibility that an independent can offer as she does not have to so rigidly clock watch as she is her own boos, so you may just get a less rushed service. If you are enjoying yourself it would also make be able to extend easier with an independent as she knows her own availability, rather than have to break off and contact the agency. Another advantage seeing an independent is you contact her direct and after a quick chat you can be assured that she is suitable for your needs. This is often better than mediating through an agency receptionist.

There are obviously a lot of advantages going through a reputable Manchester escorts agency. If your independent girls are not available for when you want her, you have the start the process all over again. However, with a Manchester escorts agency they can recommend suitable alternatives, maybe even someone more suitable for your requirements. If your Manchester independent escort lets you down, again you start again. However, if you are with a reliable agency and the individual girl lets you both down, again they may have a suitable alternative for you. On some of the larger agency website you often have up to forty girls to choose from, many having genuine reviews. Of them ten maybe available tonight. So again it is a one stop shop.  If you have a bad experience with a Manchester independent escort the you have no redress.

A genuine agency that values their reputation may offer some sort of compensation, even if it is a complimentary half hour with someone else. That is not guaranteed, but if it a girl they have already had bad feedback on, then who knows. As you can see there are pros and cons for either choice. Just do your research and choose the girl that most appeals to you regardless of their affiliations. Some gents have favourite agencies they go through, but others will only go with an independent.  Often it is a choice of individual preference.

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